“Innocence Lost: Stories from Children of the Holocaust”

Andrew Sherwood and I created a short documentary (11 minutes) focusing on the four child Survivors of the Holocaust whom I interviewed. It is designed for a wider audience and has been shown at several prominent film festivals and won the “Best Documentary” award at the Trinity International Film Festival in Detroit, Michigan in 2015.


AustriaInternationalFilmFestival-2017 Gala Cinema Internazionale Venezia, Italy 2017 Kyiv Film Festival 2018 Roma Film Awards 2017 Semi-Finalist Roma Film Awards 2018 Finalist Singapore Film Festival 2017 Beijing Film Festival 2018 German United Film Festival 2018 Russian Film Festival (Moscow) Semi-Finalist 2018 Berlin World International Film Festival 2018 Madrid Art Film Festival 2018 London International Film Festival 2018 Hong Kong Star International Film Festival 2017 Meraki Film Festival

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